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One winner per quarter. You only need to enter once per year. New toilet will be a round front, comfort height, 1.28GPF in white chosen by Seaside Plumbing Inc. Includes toilet and installation. By entering you allow us to use your name (first name and last initial) in marketing material. Winners will be chosen randomly. Restrictions: This offer does not apply if you currently have a rear outlet or one piece toilet. No warranties.


‘Take the Water Saving Pledge!’

I _____________________ promise to be conscious of my daily water usage and do my best to reduce it. 

I promise to:

·  Turn off the water while brushing my teeth

·  Operate my dishwasher and washer only with full loads

·   Be vigilant and promptly repair any plumbing leaks (roughly 2,000-20,000 gallons of water are wasted each year because of plumbing leaks)

· Turn my water off whenever I leave my home for an extended period of time

· Water my lawn less, or not at all!

·  Take a shorter shower

I will seriously consider:

·  Getting a rain water catchment barrel for watering my lawn and garden

· Upgrading my shower heads and other plumbing fixtures to low flow fixtures


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