Seaside Plumbing, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Plumber in Berlin, MD
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MD Master License #67879
DE Master License #2321

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Our employees are our biggest asset.  Ongoing education and training is a very important part of our company’s culture.  Every member of our team has been trained both in the field and the classroom to ensure that they have all of the tools needed to perform to the best of their abilities.   Additionally, unlike most other companies within our industry, we do pre-employment and random drug testing with no exceptions.

Josh Martin

» Josh Martin, President – Master Plumber/Gas Fitter

Seaside was founded by Josh in 2003 – you will likely never find someone that is more enthralled with plumbing than this guy. It borders on unhealthy – he often talks about plumbing in his sleep and from time to time can be found examining plumbing in public places.

Seaside is a small owner run company; Josh is involved in virtually every job which helps ensure the consistent excellence we strive for. He has ridiculously high standards, and his obsessive love for quality plumbing (no matter how large or small the project) is what drives the company standards. When not plumbing, Josh enjoys surfing, outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends.

Josh & Lauren Martin

» Lauren Martin, Vice President

Not long after Josh founded Seaside, he met his wife Lauren – who lucky for Josh, just happened to be working on a degree in business and accounting. She helped turn his shoe box full of receipts (albeit a VERY well organized shoe box) into something a little more substantial. Lauren is a registered yoga teacher, and when not crunching numbers, she enjoys going to school to work on her MBA, yoga and spending time with friends and family.

Bill Collins

» Bill Collins, Estimator – Master Plumber/Gas Fitter

Bill started with Seaside in 2014. He operated his own plumbing/mechanical contracting company for over 30 years in the DC area before moving over to the shore. Bill is a fantastic resource, and has a wealth of plumbing knowledge for us to draw upon. His continued support of the Washington Redskins was a factor in confirming that he fit well with our company culture. When not working, Bill enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Tracey Sapia

» Tracey Sapia, Office Manager

Tracey comes to us with managing experience in the restaurant industry. She has exactly what we were looking for when it comes to organization, accuracy, great work ethic and dedication to the job! She joined the company in late 2015, and we are lucky to have her. Tracey is also a licensed realtor on the side, so keep her in mind if you are buying or selling here on the shore! When not “holding it down” in the office, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and her family and friends.

Jason Cooke

» Jason Cooke, Field Technician – Journeyman Plumber/Gas Fitter

Jason joined us in 2012, bringing both knowledge and experience to the Seaside family. We are thrilled to have him on board – his sunny disposition and high quality work ethic are always a welcome part of our day-to-day. In addition to his hands on experience, he has also completed 4 full years of plumbing school. When not plumbing, Jason enjoys the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

Jason Cooke

»Andrew Teal, Service Technician

Andrew comes to us with TONS of service experience, he started his career in the trades in high school. He is very passionate about what he does and truly enjoys helping people with their plumbing problems. He is super knowledgeable and the customers love him! When not plumbing Andrew enjoys working on old cars.

Joseph Paul

» Joseph Paul, Service Technician

Joe is originally from Baltimore and joined Seaside in 2016, in addition to his construction and supervising experience, Joe was a former Baltimore City police officer. When not plumbing, Joe enjoys sports, being near the water (especially at Assateague) and spending time with his wife and kids.

Charlie Martin

» Charles (Charlie) Martin, Seaside Mascot

Charlie joined the Seaside family in 2004 and has been a crucial part ever since. Without him, 50% of our Facebook posts would not be possible. When not guarding the office or modeling for Facebook; Charlie enjoys chasing cats and finding very unpleasant things around the farm to roll in.